• MARCH 2, 2022

    World Hearing Day 2022

    The Theme for World Hearing Day 2022 is: To hear for life, listen with care! On World Hearing Day 2022, WHO will focus on the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining good hearing across…

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    • NOVEMBER 2, 2021

    Thank you letter from a mom of hard of hearing children

    Dealing with hearing loss is an incredible challenge for any adult, from the need to be properly fitted with hearing aids, to struggling with difficult social situations, especially around a lot of…

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    • JANUARY 7, 2020

    Better Hearing in 2020

    Start a new decade off right by focusing on your hearing health. Here are some tips for better Hearing 1. Protect Your Ears. We all know that our hearing can be damaged by loud sounds, but did you know…

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    • SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

    Protect Your Hearing

    One third of Canadians over the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss.  And 10% of all Canadians, regardless of their age, have some sort of hearing loss.  Are you at risk?  Some of the most common…

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    • JUNE 12, 2019

    Are You At Risk For Hearing Loss?

    If you are exposed to sounds above 85dB, you are putting your hearing at risk. Here are a few examples to help you better understand noise levels. • A casual conversation: 60 dB • Lawnmower: 90…

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    • APRIL 11, 2019

    May is Better Hearing Month

    May is Better Hearing Month, to celebrate let’s learn a little more about hearing loss and why better hearing is so important. About 2 percent of adults aged 45 to 54 have hearing loss. The rate increases…

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