CIC (Completely-in-canal)

This hearing aid is one of the smallest available on the market and is custom made to fit your ear canals.  CICs can exclusively fit mild to moderately severe hearing losses.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this style of hearing aid.


  • Small and discreet in the ear canal
  • Receiver is closest to the ear drum
  • Takes advantage of the outer ear canal resonance and pinna for natural collection of sounds


  • Not ideal for patients with dexterity issues
  • Smaller battery, therefore shorter battery life
  • More prone to wax build up, as it is further in the ear canal
  • Not everyone’s ears are eligible for this style. Some ears are too small or too narrow.
  • Not as easy to repair in clinic, requires more trips to the manufacturer for repair.

Take Note: Each CIC appears different as no two ears are the same.  This style is limited to a moderately severe degree of hearing loss.  If your loss deteriorates further, you will need to change hearing aid styles to access more power.  Talk to your hearing instrument specialist about this option, if it is something you are interested in.