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As a privately owned Cambridge hearing clinic, New Hope Hearing dispenses and services all brands of hearing aids.  Below is a collection of some of our most popular brands.  We offer a 90 day trial period, and encourage you to try something different if you are not happy.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Hearing aid fitting, sales and service in Cambridge and area.  Please  call (519) 220-1441 to book your appointment, or for more information about any of the hearing aids we offer.

Silver Phonak hearing aids

Phonak Logo

Phonak Hearing Aids: Phonak offers a variety of innovative hearing aids, with varying features and pow er levels for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, as well as for those with severe hearing loss.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies: Starkey is dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible with award-winning hearing aid technology and innovative hearing solutions for you.  Learn more…

Bernafon logo

Bernafon Hearing Aids:  Why choose Bernafon hearing aids?  They offer Clear and natural sound in complex situations, Optimal speech understanding in noise, and Wireless connection to external audio sources.  Learn More…

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Oticon Hearing Aids: Oticon Hearing aids are known for the best quality sound, reliability, and ease-of-use throughout the world.  This is because they pioneer cutting-edge technology and never compromise on quality.  Learn more…

Simens logo

Siemens Hearing Aids: Siemens has been in the business of creating hearing devices for more than 130 years and is the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer. Siemens implements the latest hearing technology in their hearing instruments in order to help better all types and degrees of hearing loss. Siemens is also known for making hearing aids that are compatible with Bluetooth technology.