New Hope Hearing Business Profile

New Hope!  Not only was it the name of the town before it was changed to Hespeler, but also it perfectly describes what those with hearing loss gain following a hearing assessment. New Hope Hearing is a privately owned hearing clinic that dispenses and services all brands of hearing aids.

Owner Lisa Simmonds opened in November 2010 as Arnold Hearing Centres, and in 2013 she bought out the business, changing the name to New Hope Hearing. “I have been involved in the industry for over 20 years,” she says. “My grandfather was a veteran who needed to wear hearing aids due to noise damage and he suggested I consider a career in this field.” It was a wise choice! As a winner of the DIAMOND Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Business Service – Hearing”, choosing New Hope Hearing means you’re in expert hands!

“I have been a client of New Hope Hearing since it was established in Hespeler”, says WSIB patient Jack Barnes of Cambridge. “The location of the clinic is very convenient and accessible and parking is free. I highly recommend Lisa at New  Hope Hearing for the personal and very professional attention I have received. My hearing has been failing for many years and has become quite poor. With the excellent care that I receive from Lisa, I can now say I hear at near normal levels. I enjoy being part of group conversations again and not straining to hear the radio and television. I can hear the sound of the leaves in the trees and  he gentle sound of rain and, best of all, the soft voices of children and grand-kids.”

Lisa notes that choosing your hearing clinic is just as important as deciding which aids to buy. New Hope offers:

  • warm and welcoming practitioners
  • same-day appointments
  • home visits to those with mobility issues
  • drop-in cleanings and repairs
  • service, affordability and choice
  • payment plans
  • consistent staffing, services and follow-up

At New Hope, a complete hearing assessment takes about a half-hour and includes a case history, otoscopy, tympanometry, pure-tone audiometry and speech testing. Lisa offers hearing aid demonstrations to every patient who is a candidate for amplification.  And if you already wear hearing aids, you don’t have to have purchased your aids from New Hope to see what the highly trained team can do to improve your hearing and quality of life. The staff at New Hope Hearing truly care about their patients and they strive to go above and beyond, whenever possible.

Lisa stresses that hearing aids are not electronics; they are a medical device. “It’s important to ensure you have access to the clinic and clinician, since you’ll need help from time to time,” she notes. “We ensure that this service is available from us.” In addition to their Hespeler location, New Hope Hearing has partnered with Langs to provide hearing screenings as well as hearing aid programming and maintenance in both the Langs Community Health Centre in Cambridge and the North Dumfries Community Health Centre Satellite in Ayr.

Lisa believes that any successful business should find a way to give back to the community that supports them.  She starts by using the services of as many local businesses as possible and also sponsors and participates in many local events. One charity in particular is close to her heart: For each hearing aid dispensed, she has committed to making a donation to help fund surgeries for children in Uganda.  One4AnotherInternational, a local registered charity, provides surgeries for children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford these life-changing procedures.
With plenty of free parking and barrier-free spots out front, New Hope Hearing is located at B2-101 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge. Call 519-220-1441 for an appointment, or email