Our Team

Lisa Simmonds, B.A., H.I.S.

Owner and Hearing Aid Specialist

Lisa Simmonds is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and an honours graduate from The University of Toronto, George Brown College and Grant MacEwan University. She has years of experience working in clinical settings as well as providing training and technical support for a hearing aid manufacturer. As a result, her knowledge of testing, products, programming and troubleshooting is extensive.  Combine this with her confident and outgoing personality and patients can expect to enjoy working with Lisa to treat their hearing loss.

Lisa believes it is very important to support local businesses.  To thank the Cambridge community for supporting her business she sponsors and participates in many local events.  In addition, Lisa has committed to make a donation for each hearing aid dispensed to help fund surgeries for children in Uganda.

Ameneh Kargar

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Ameneh Kargar is a dedicated professional in the field of audiology and speech-language pathology, with a diverse educational background and extensive clinical experience. She embarked on her academic journey at Bangalore University in India, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology in 2015, laying the foundation for her career.

Driven by a passion for improving the lives of individuals with hearing impairments, she pursued further education, specializing as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Conestoga College, graduating in January 2022. Seeking advanced expertise, she is currently pursuing a Masters degree in audiology and speech-language pathology at Salus University, with an anticipated graduation in May 2025.

With over 15 years of clinical experience in Kuwait and two years at New Hope Hearing, Ameneh has honed her skills, effectively working with diverse patient populations. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Persian, her linguistic abilities enable her to connect with and assist a wide range of individuals.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ameneh is married to an equally dedicated Hearing Instrument Specialist, and together they have two young boys.

Bev Dreher

Office Manager

Bev first met Lisa during Friday morning yoga sessions, an activity they continue to enjoy together.  Bev’s typical workday involves managing paperwork, phone calls, computer tasks, and bookkeeping duties. She enjoys the fun and friendly atmosphere of the office that Lisa has created, which makes the work day enjoyable for all.

Before her current role, Bev spent twenty years as a stay-at-home mom to three children. She worked at Frito Lay dealing with paperwork and sewed weighted blankets for Cute and Simple Designs. Volunteering at schools was also a big part of her life while raising her kids.

Bev’s personal experiences assisting family members with hearing loss have shown her the positive impacts hearing aids have on improving one’s life. This firsthand experience drives her passion to make a difference for those facing similar challenges.

In her journey through different roles and her commitment to her family, Bev embodies a caring and dedicated individual, making a difference both at work and in her community.

Milka Gabretansea

Hearing Instrument Dispenser

Milka Kiros is a Hearing Instrument Specialist intern. She recently graduated with distinction from Conestoga College. Milka is skilled in speaking English and Tigrinya fluently, and she also has a full understanding of Arabic.

Her skills include conducting hearing tests, maintaining and repairing hearing aids, and providing counseling to patients on hearing loss and overall hearing health.  Milka’s main objective is to bring happiness and fulfillment to her patients, one ear at a time!

When she’s not working, Milka enjoys hiking, playing sports, and going on trips with her loved ones! She also has a creative side and enjoys hobbies like videography, photography, editing, and decorating. Fall is her favorite season, and she only likes snow during Christmas!