Cambridge Hearing Aid Clinic Services

At New Hope Hearing we take a personal, friendly approach with every client to build long lasting relationships.  When you visit us we will perform a complete diagnostic assessment of your hearing, and take you through all the steps to ensure you are getting the best care and understand all the options.  We are an independently owned hearing clinic, not a big chain, so you will always be served by the same friendly people, and we can dispense any brand of hearing aid.  We offer a 90 day trial period, and encourage you to try something different if you are not happy.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Hearing aid fitting, sales and service in Cambridge and area.  Please see below for a full list of our services, or call (519) 220-1441 to book your appointment, or for more information.

Hearing Assessments: New Hope Hearing performs a complete diagnostic assessment of your hearing. This assessment will include a case history, otoscopic examination, tympanometry, pure-tone audiometry and speech testing. Following the assessment your test results are explained and recommendations are made based on our findings. If further medical investigation is required your family physician will be notified. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, we will demonstrate the latest hearing aid technology, discuss the options available and help you to make the best choice for your hearing needs.

Programming and fitting of hearing instruments:  As a privately owned clinic, New Hope Hearing dispenses all brands of hearing aids.  Hearing aids are programmed by computer based on your specific hearing loss. Real ear verification ensures the aids are providing the correct levels of sound.  The process of acclimatizing to hearing aids may require multiple programming adjustments.  This is why it is important to pick a clinic that is easily accessible and a clinician that you enjoy working with.  When you decide to treat your hearing loss you are starting a relationship that will last many years.

Counseling: The success of any hearing aid fitting is dependent on proper counselling.  Once you have been fit with hearing aids, the rehabilitation process begins. Because the audiologic rehabilitation process involves more than just purchasing hearing aids, it is imperative that you be provided with post-fitting orientation, counseling and rehabilitation. You should be offered several sessions that include verification of the hearing aid fitting, adjustment counseling and communication training for both the patient and their family.

Service, maintenance and repair of hearing instruments: New Hope Hearing dispenses and services all hearing aid brands. Regular cleanings are required to ensure your hearing aids are performing optimally.  Arrange an appointment or drop into the office and we will complete the service as quickly as possible.  Often, minor repairs can be performed in the office. If the repair cannot be done in the office we will send the aid to the manufacturer for repair.  New Hope Hearing honours all outstanding warranties, even if the aid was purchased at a different clinic.  If the aid is no longer under warranty, a repair quote will be provided prior to service.

Cerumen management – Certified ear wax removal. Softening the wax prior to removal is recommended.  This is achieved by putting a few drops of mineral oil or a wax softening agent in the ears for 3 to 4 days.  The method used to remove the wax depends on its location and consistency.  Sometimes it can be removed with a tool but often, gently flushing the ears with water is required.

Home visits:  Home visits are available for those with restricted mobility. New Hope Hearing can provide on-site hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid maintenance and repairs, family consultations and battery sales. We also provide seminars for care-givers about hearing aid management.  Visits are tailored to each individual’s needs and this convenient service ensures that everyone has access to proper hearing assessments and follow-up care, whether in homes, retirement/nursing centres or hospitals.

Hearing protection and swim plugs: Custom products are produced from a silicone impression of your ear.  Customized ear molds are used to produce some styles of hearing aids as well as musicians ear plugs, noise protection, swim plugs, custom headphones and in-ear monitors.

New Hope Hearing has partnered with Langs to provide hearing screenings as well as hearing aid programming and maintenance in both the Langs Community Health Centre in Cambridge and the North Dumfries Community Health Centre Satellite in Ayr.