Lisa Simmonds provides very professional and compassionate care. She takes the time to communicate with her clients. Her commitment goes above and beyond what is expected. I highly recommend New Hope Hearing to anyone having difficulty with their hearing.

Gord Burkholder – Cambridge, ON

They continually do more than they need. They have stayed open late to take care of an issue I was facing.

Ben Mills – Cambridge, ON

I absolutely love New Hope Hearing! Whether I have issues or questions regarding my hearing aids or I’m just popping in to get some batteries, Lisa is always there to offer a friendly smile and support. I’ve received nothing but top notch service and highly recommend New Hope for all your hearing needs.

Jen Willock – Cambridge, ON

New Hope Hearing has been a wonderful help in acquiring hearing aids for my hearing loss. They were very helpful in explaining where my hearing was deficit and helping me attain the aids through WSIB coverage.

Jim Oliver – Ayr, ON

After several years of failing hearing and mentoring from family and friends, I decided to have a hearing test. Where do I go? Being a lifelong Hespelerite, I noticed an ad for New Hope Hearing and was intrigued by the name as this was the name of our town before it was changed to Hespeler. After a hearing assessment I was fit with a brand new set of hearing aids and WOW, what a difference! Lisa and her staff have been outstanding for consultation and adjustments at any time. Lisa has adopted Hespeler with open arms supporting local businesses, the Santa Clause Parade, The 2016 Reunion and book and the Hickory Dickory Dock, Let’s Replace the Post Office Clock Project. It is a pleasure for me as an old time Hespelerite to endorse and recommend New Hope Hearing.

Jack Connell – Hespeler, ON

I have been a client of New Hope Hearing since it was established in Hespeler. The location of the clinic is very convenient and accessible and parking is free. I highly recommend Lisa at New Hope Hearing for the personal and very professional attention I have received. My hearing has been failing for many years and has become quite poor. With the excellent care that I receive from Lisa, I can now say I hear at near normal levels. I enjoy being part of group conversations again and not straining to hear the radio and television. I can hear the sound of the leaves in the trees and the gentle sound of rain and, best of all, the soft voices of children and grandkids.

Jack Barnes – Cambridge, ON

I am a 70 year old man who has had hearing problems since the 60’s. I have had two operations on my left ear but the hearing in that ear is still very poor. Over the years my right ear was doing all the work for both sides. I have gone to several different hearing clinics and they did help me some but after a while you get discouraged. You don’t know if you are paying too much or if you have the right hearing aids. At New Hope Hearing they are straightforward. They check you out thoroughly and they are very knowledgeable. When you enter the door you are greeted by a professional with a friendly smile and are guided towards the best hearing aids for your hearing loss and budget. After fitting you with hearing aids, New Hope will stand by you with any problems that may develop. They always find time for you and never make you wait. No one really likes to wear hearings aids but when you are in a position where you have problems hearing your family, the TV, just about anything, you really have no choice, you have to get hearing aids to carry on with your life and fit in. If you do have a hearing problem don’t let it worsen, get help, your life will be improved. I really recommend New Hope Hearing. I have been a patient at New Hope since 2012 and I am thoroughly satisfied with the attention and service that I get. I highly recommend New Hope to not only seniors but to any person suffering with hearing loss. New Hope Hearing will help you.

Gary Whittington – Cambridge, ON

I was one of the first customers to have the pleasure of going to New Hope Hearing for my hearing aid needs and Lisa and her staff have always been extremely helpful in providing excellent products and services. If anyone asks where to go for hearing aids I do not hesitate to say New Hope Hearing. When you walk into New Hope Hearing this feeling will come over you that you made an excellent choice by coming here.

Frank Durnford – Cambridge, ON

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