The Do’s and Don’ts of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an investment that everyone in your life will benefit from.  They not only help you communicate more effectively, they improve your relationships and quality of life.  Following these rules will help you get maximum benefit and protect your investment.


-wear your hearing aids every day

-wear your hearing aids to social events and outings

-take your hearing aids out at night and store them with the battery door open

-store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place

-clean your hearing aids every morning

-get your hearing aids cleaned and checked regularly by your hearing instrument practitioner

-wear your hearing aids on a plane, let security know that you are wearing them before you walk through the screener, although you should have no problems


-wear your hearing aids in the shower

-subject your hearing aids to excessive moisture (sweat, rain, snow)

-wear your hearing aids while blow drying your hair

-leave your hearing aids on the dash of your car/ in the hot sun

-wear your hearing aids in loud, and extremely noisy situations where you should be wearing hearing protection (concerts or constant noisy environments)

-leave your hearing aids out in the open/have them accessible to pets. Dogs and cats love ear wax and see your hearing aids as a toy! Make sure they are stored in a place out of reach or you will have a very interesting treasure hunt the next day…

-share your hearing aids with other individuals. Your hearing aids are specifically chosen for you; they are fit to your ear shape and your specific hearing loss and programmed accordingly. Using someone else’s hearing aids could potentially cause further damage to your hearing and is not hygienic.