What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

At this point in your journey, you have chosen a hearing aid style that suits you based on your hearing aid evaluation with your hearing healthcare professional. It is always kindly recommended that you bring a family member or friend with you to your appointment.  A lot of information is covered so and extra set of ears and eyes can be helpful later on.

Your hearing aid fitting appointment will begin by programming the hearing aids to your hearing loss. Much like the hearing aid demonstration at your hearing aid evaluation appointment, your hearing test results are entered into the programming software. The software generates targets for fitting your hearing aids and is fine-tuned to your perception of the sound. Most hearing aid technologies allow you to add different listening programs to your hearing aids, which you have the choice to switch to. These programs can be set up for different listening situations such as, restaurants or listening to music. The programming that is done at your fitting can always be modified by your hearing healthcare professional in the future.

Once the hearing aids are programmed, you will learn some basic cleaning and maintenance skills for your new hearing aids. Your hearing healthcare professional will explain and help you learn how to insert and remove your hearing aids, change the batteries, and provide troubleshooting tips should the hearing aids seem to not be working properly. They will demonstrate the use of any accessories that you have chosen for your hearing aids such as remote controls or streamers.

At the end of your hearing aid fitting appointment, your hearing healthcare professional will book a follow up appointment within the next two weeks. This will allow you some time to experience using the hearing aids in different situations and bring forward any questions or concerns you may have. At New Hope Hearing we encourage you to come in as many times is necessary to ensure that you are satisfied with your hearing aids and how they are programmed.