• MARCH 2, 2022

    World Hearing Day 2022

    The Theme for World Hearing Day 2022 is: To hear for life, listen with care! On World Hearing Day 2022, WHO will focus on the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining good hearing across…

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    • DECEMBER 6, 2021

    Strengthen your social ties with Phonak hearing aids

    The holidays are drawing near. You can feel the spirit in the air! We go out and shop for the holiday feast, buying ham, turkey or our favourite main dish with the perfect trimmings to go along with…

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    • NOVEMBER 10, 2021

    Taking a moment of silence

    We would like to ask for a moment of silence. This may seem odd, coming from hearing healthcare professionals, but the silence we ask for as we bow our heads is a measure of respect for those who have…

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    • NOVEMBER 2, 2021

    Thank you letter from a mom of hard of hearing children

    Dealing with hearing loss is an incredible challenge for any adult, from the need to be properly fitted with hearing aids, to struggling with difficult social situations, especially around a lot of…

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    • OCTOBER 15, 2021

    Well-Hearing is Well-Being

    Autumn presents us with a tapestry of rusty oranges, bright reds and mellow yellows. Such a kaleidoscopic array of colors is breathtaking, to say the least! But, as September stretches onward, the temperatures…

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    • JANUARY 21, 2021

    Bernafon Hearing Aids

    Bernafon offers so many different shapes, styles, and colours, there is a hearing aid to match your individual needs and preferences.  Which hearing aid will fit your needs best?   Depending on your…

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